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GRC StackTMis built with the prime vision of simplifying Governance, Risk and Compliance management across multiple verticals. .

GRC STACKTM offers a wide range of solutions to aid governance management, risk mitigation, audits, information security and regulatory compliance. We are constantly changing to be better-equipped to meet our valuable customers’ demands and to be able to offer extensively helpful technical support.

  • Rich user experience
  • Efficient risk management
  • Single click installation
  • Always audit ready
Our company

GRC StackTM is powered by a combination of Professionals ranging from Product Architecture, GRC Domain knowledge, Usability experts, QA specialists along with Data Security experts.

Our Mission

is to deliver high-quality solutions enabling business functions to manage governance, risk and compliance easily and effectively

We Love

to be part of our customers GRC journey and work like their extended team to ensure their Governance, Risk and Compliance Management is simplified.

GRC Strategy & Implementation

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is all about how organisations put the required Governance processes in place to manage risks and further become compliant with all necessary Internal and External regulations

The Implementation of an effective GRC Strategy aims to integrate systems, processes and controls using common values and a culture of transparency and responsibility, whilst at the same time striving to improve both performance and efficiency. GRC has become an approach to business and, ultimately, is about the integrity of the organisation itself.

Governance is the combination of processes established and executed by the management (or the board of directors) that are reflected in the organization’s structure and how it is managed and led toward achieving goals.

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Key Benefits of GRC StackTM

Visibility to management across the organisation

GRC StackTM enables Management with higher visibility on Governance, Risk and Compliance related matters across the organisation

Rich user experience

GRC StackTM is designed keeping in mind that users have a seamless experience on all platforms and devices with an easy to access data approach.

Efficient Risk Management

Risk identification, evaluation, risk rating and risk treatment, all on a single repository makes tracking and monitoring/remediating risk easy to visualise and identify high risk areas.

Information at fingertips for informed decision making

Key updates are relayed in real time to business heads via SMS and e-mail alerts, thus enabling right decision at a point of time

Single Click Installation

GRC StackTM is very easy to install. Just click Install and automatically the product is installed.

Always Audit Ready

GRC StackTM keeps track of the activities performed by the users across the organisation and provides a ready Audit Trail

Single Solution across industries

GRC StackTM has been designed in such a way that it suits the needs across different industry verticals with very easy Industry centered settings

Role-Based Access

GRC Stack TMis designed with a Role based Access mechanism by which users can access application features based on their privileges

Easily customisable&configurable

GRC StackTM is very easy to customize and configure based on the specific needs of customers

Rely on process v/s people dependency

The system works as a repository of process and related analytics/reports, thus ensuring higher compliance and reducing human errors/ faults

Cloud,mobile&on-premise ready

GRC StackTM can be implemented On the Cloud or On-Premise depending on the organisational internal policies and is fully mobile ready

Supports all database

GRC StackTM is Database agnostic and is designed to work on top of any relational database being used with your organisation

C- SMART Product

C- SMART is a fully integrated innovative security product that manages server and infrastructure policies, scans vulnerabilities and remediates the non- compliances hence facilitating organization to stay audit ready


  • Secure agentless architecture
  • public, private and on-premise deployment capability
  • Pre-built security policies
  • Supports custom security policies
  • Schedule/ Selective manual remidiation of non- compliance
  • Informative comprehensive dashboard
  • Audit ready reporting

How Does GRC Help a Textile Organisation ?

Textile industry is a very difficult vertical to cater to with ever increasing list of regulations and not complying to the policies and procedures might result in a number of legal issues. Implementing a GRC solution like GRC StackTM will immensely help as the solution is AEPC friendly along with having the provision to remind you of the licenses that are due for renewal.

If you are from the Textile domain and are suffering with similar issues, we can help you with a highly compatible GRC Solution.

Ask us now
01. How easy it is to Adopt GRC StackTM ?
GRC StackTM is built keeping in mind that it should be quite easy for all sorts of users including Administrators and users. GRC Stacks intuitive design and pre-configured templates allows organisations to adopt in days instead of months
02. Do we Get Training to use GRC StackTM ?
We provide necessary training to all users of our product while it is quite easy and self explanatory. Our training will ensure that you are able to easily use the features of the product
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