GRC StackTM Overview

GRC StackTM Overview

GRC STACKTM was built in 2017, with a vision of creating a product based solution that would simplify Governance, Risk and Compliance management across multiple industries. We operate from the heart of Bangalore, providing a complete suite of solutions in the niche GRC domain and help build better-governed, risk-free enterprises that set the standards for regulatory compliance.

GRC STACKTM offers a wide range of solutions to aid governance management, risk mitigation, audits, information security and regulatory compliance. We are constantly changing to be better-equipped to meet our valuable customers’ demands and to be able to offer extensively helpful technical support.

We are a company powered by professionals skilled in architecture, consultancy, engineering, development, training, support, business analysis, marketing, sales and pre-sales strategy; who are equipped with the latest tools for their field of activity. Our employees work tirelessly to assure timely and high-quality delivery of your applications.

Our mission is the deliverance of high-quality solutions enabling business functions to manage governance, risk and compliance easily and effectively

  • Rich user experience
  • Efficient risk management
  • Single click installation
  • Always audit ready

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Customer Analysis

identification of a customer risk profile using select criteria that measures up to risk appetite verified against industry standards stored in a data store.

Zone of Compliance

utilizing a pre-defined customer risk profile that uses categories of risks, industry standards of compliance and issues data as zone of compliance

Better Visibility

validating of risk profile and verification of risk metering using customer data based on periodic assessments and issues with alerts and email systems for visibility and single pane of glass dashboard

Improve Maturity

Ascertain current risk maturity level on an ongoing basis using results of periodic assessments on risks, compliance with a focus to reduce failures in assessments and issues that can result in and demonstrate improved maturity

Planned and Achieved Milestones

  • Mar 2019

    IT Risk and Ops Risk mgmt. module release
  • Jan 2019

    Audit plan and execution module release
  • Oct 2018

    Risk management module release
  • Aug 2018

    Survey module release
  • Jul 2018

    Issue Management released
  • May 2018

    Compliance module released
  • Feb 2018

    Platform Design and Library module release
  • Dec - 2017

    Incorporation of company
  • Sep – Oct 2017

    Ideation and market research