The implementation of our product results in massive gains since the GRC processes of every organization are -in a way- its backbone. We understand the need for a better solution at competitive pricing that offers you more. Here are some of the many advantages of embracing GRC STACKTM. What would you like your company to have?

Benefits to your organization.

  • Enhanced company reputation due to efficient and timely risk management -Doubts about penalties and bad representation? NEVER AGAIN!
  • Easy evasion of heavy penalties or fines by government bodies against non-compliance towards specified mandates.
  • Proper and timely maintenance and monitoring of tools or machines or equipment used for manufacturing goods or measuring quantity and quality of goods.
  • Reliable prevention of risks due to fires, earthquakes and other natural calamities by way of proper GRC controls in place. Even in case of such a situation, our Business Continuity Planning Solution helps you efficiently tackle employee and asset safety, and puts forward measures that enable optimum functionality, as far as possible.
  • Enhanced control over the procurement process and easy maintenance of details regarding 'received' against 'ordered' by way of adequate GRC processes and controls.
  • Easy and elemental, monitoring and fixing of problems that hinder the proper functioning of tools or human resources from achieving organizational goals.
  • Regular and efficient maintenance of records of the quality of goods produced, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and attraction of customers.
  • Extremely easy-to-use functionalities - GRC STACKTM is cloud, mobile and on-premise ready as well as DB agnostic and allows you to integrate it with any existing software and data.
  • Timely reports that give entrepreneurs and executives useful information that aids better and timely decision-making processes against risks as well as helps the promotion of a better work environment full of satisfaction and productivity.
  • Ready, at-hand, and easy grasp of information available through the GRC STACKTM libraries that aids in effective action plans for the prevention of heavy losses to company assets.
  • Obtaining a concise overview of all the processes or products or items which have expired or about to expire helps organizations take necessary actions as and when required.
  • Access to multiple reports about effective control over all issues across different business functions and availability of useful tracking options for the progress of resolution of these issues.
  • Easy to understand progress and overview reports about the failure or success of the organization in performing necessary tasks.
  • Encourages routine checks on all equipment that might potentially cause hazards as a step towards risk mitigation.
  • Ensures compliance with all necessary mandates, allowing you to rest assured about the legal side of things.
  • Secure and GDPR-friendly maintenance of your organization's information.
  • Increased Returns on Investment (ROI) with controls for risk mitigation, reduced chances of lawsuits on the governance or compliance ends.
  • Enjoy visibility across all management levels that helps you integrate your business functions better than before!
  • Effective monitoring and control over items missing due to theft or misplacement.
  • Easily customisable, highly configurable, fluid and interactive UI.

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