Consolidated, easy data management for
surveysensures workload reduction and improves precision

Survey Management

Most modern enterprises conduct surveys and assessments to keep a check on their compliance with internal and external policies and legislations, security and other GRC requirements. The design and execution of these surveys require a lot of planning and management and proves to be tedious, time-consuming and challenging. Data collected through surveys plays a important role in providing visibility into compliance thus helping make quick decisions.

GRC STACKTM’s Survey Management solution enables automated, systematic and efficient management and survey automation. It streamlines the flow of survey data and information within your organization at different stages. It automatically triggers surveys, certificate assignments as well as reminders for survey response. It also analyzes survey data and correlates it with past data. It is easy-to-use and highly customizable, in the sense that it allows users to create and upload survey questionnaires, scoreboards and certification assessments keep this data in a tabular form. Embrace GRC STACKTM to track your business progress today!

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