The Textile Industry is extremely difficult to cater to. With an ever-increasing list of regulations, that are prone to change every few years, entrepreneurs working in the Textile Industry definitely have a lot on their plates! There are a number of programs and policies that must be strictly adhered to which may cause legal issues in case of any discrepancies. There are multiple risks that may lead to financial losses. Improper governance practices that may lead the organization into complete darkness, reputationally.

GRC STACKTM provides solutions that are designed, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the Textile Industry. Our solutions are AEPC-friendly, and we have provisions to routinely remind you of any licenses that might need renewal. Our solutions enable you to incorporate the guidelines of different programs like DISHA (Driving Industry towards Sustainable Human capital Advancement) effortlessly for a better and more easily-manageable compliant work culture.

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